Dealing with Condensation in the Bathroom

There is nothing like the feel of a hot shower after a long day at work, it loosens your muscles and washes away the day.  That lovely hot shower isn’t so kind to your bathroom, it creates a thick layer of condensation all over everything.  The room is small and the air is warm and that gives you even more condensation.  All of this condensation on a daily basis can lead to the growth of mold and mildew…yuck.  Dealing with condensation is something that every homeowner has to go through, here are some tips to help keep your bathroom mold and mildew free.

Ventilate the Bathroom

Ventilation will go a long way in getting rid of unwanted moisture.  The easiest way is to open a window when you shower, but that isn’t always possible and if you live in the north opening a window in January isn’t going to happen.  Another option is to put in an exhaust fan in the ceiling.  Heat and moisture rises, you can turn on the fan and vent the hot, damp air out.  Lastly you can run a dehumidifier while you are in the shower and for a few minutes after you’re done to keep the moisture down.

Bathroom Paint

One of the best ways to reduce the amount of condensation in your bathroom is by repainting it with special paint.  If you go to a home improvement store to buy paint and let them know that it is for the bathroom specifically you can get paint that reduces condensation.  This type of paint insulates both the ceilings and walls, that makes the surface temperature higher reducing condensation.  Bathroom paint is mildew resistant  included and that will help to keep mold a mildew away from the walls.  You want to make sure that you put at least two coats of paint on the walls to give you the best protection.

Insulate the Bathroom

Keeping the bathroom even a couple of degrees warmer can reduce the amount of condensation.  However since we don’t sit in the bathroom like we do the other rooms in the house our natural inclination is to turn the heat down to save on energy costs.  Leaving the heat on in the bathroom isn’t an option it is just too expensive, instead a small space heater that uses very little electricity may be a better option.  It can keep the room warmer and reduce the condensation.  Bear in mind that space heaters are just a waste of money if they are left in a room that isn’t properly insulated.  If you have windows in the bathroom it may be time to replace them with more energy efficient windows.  If the walls are poorly insulated then some blown-in insulation can make the room warmer.

There are more things you can do to keep the moisture out of the bathroom, keep the area around the sinks dry, fix leaky taps  and remove the damp towels and bath mats.  Turn your shower down a couple of degrees so less steam is created by your shower.  If you live alone you can shower with the bathroom door open a crack to allow the steam to escape.  Bathroom condensation doesn’t have to be a problem, there are a number of ways to deal with it.