Hire a Plumber or Do it Yourself

One of the things that people don’t warn you about after you buy a new house is just how tight money can be.  Whether it is a starter home on the property ladder or the house of your dreams you still need to keep your expenses to a minimum.  That means juggling what needs to be fixed right now and what you can put off until later.  Should you hire a plumber or fix it yourself and save yourself a bundle?  There are pros and cons to each so let’s have a look at what you should fix and what you shouldn’t.

Doing it Yourself

There are some projects that you can easily handle on your own and by doing it yourself you can save yourself a ton of money.  Plumbers are skilled tradesmen and they charge accordingly.  Here are some of the pros.

Pros of DIY:

  • You know about plumbing: If you have some basic knowledge about plumbing and you’re fairly handy and do many of the repairs around your home yourself then yes you can try to do it yourself. Be very aware of your limitations and what you have the skills and tools to fix.  Not knowing what you are doing can make the problem even worse and cost you more in the long run.
  • It is a quick and easy repair: If you have a dripping tap or some small issue like that then you should definitely fix it yourself, this is basic home maintenance.  Don’t get carried away though but big repairs need an expert to handle them.
  • Have a backup plan: Let’s say that you have a leak and you try and fix it and instead of repairing the leak the pipe bursts and you have water all over the place. What do you do now?  This is not the time to head to YouTube to learn about plumbing it is time to call a plumber.  No matter what you are trying to fix have a plumber on speed dial just in case.

Cons of DIY

  • You’re not sure what the problem is: If you don’t have the first clue what the issue is then this is not the time to learn about plumbing.  If you can’t tell if it is a big problem or small one then call a plumber.  Band-aid solutions are only meant for the short term.  Issues like leaking pipes can turn a small problem into a big one pretty quickly.  If you feel in any way out of your depth then call an expert.
  • You’re flipping a house: If you bought a fixer-upper, this is not the time to do the plumbing yourself. It is an older home and it is not in the best of conditions so you want to make sure there are no hidden issues that keep your house from being sold when the time comes. Potential buyers will likely hire an inspector who will find any issues.  Deal with them now when it doesn’t matter if the plumber has to make holes in the walls to fix a pipe.
  • It is cheaper: If the cost of a plumber is fairly low then just let them fix it for you.  You know it has been done by a pro and you didn’t break the bank…win-win.

Saving money where you can is always a good thing, but there are going to be repairs that are beyond your skillset.  Bite the bullet and get the pros in when you need to.